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The difference between a building and an edifice is not only in style and structure, finishing plays a vital role in this regard. A building may be a Bungalow or Duplex in structure, but the finishing which gives it an aesthetic appeal is what makes it into an edifice of beauty and class.

Finishing here is connotative, referring to the final stage in building construction which deals with the removal of “rough-edges”, beautifying, embellishments, polishing, and fittings of arts to induce aesthetic value! When a building is viewed as a piece of cake, “finishing”, constitutes the icing on the cake.

“Packaging”, they say, sells a product. Finishing can be the thin line between a fail project and a successful one. Finishing is the seal of completion; the signature of approval and quality. A building is incomplete without the finishing which gives shape, emphasis, and context to other parts of the building. like a movie script that fails to define the role of the lead actor, so is the building that lacks finishing!

Building aesthetics is the combined effects of buildings: Shape, size, texture, symmetry, colour, alignment, decorations, and Culture.

Aesthetic values have always been important, it does more than improving the environment, it has attractive qualities. As captured by, the emotional impact of beautiful buildings can transcend the personal, even to the extent of impacting the communities. When buildings look good and feel good inside, our world is complete.

Architects today, have an exotic palette of high-performance materials at their disposal. So, buildings can be radical to look at, while at the same time help us express ideas far too rich and complex for our languages to express and give vent. Things that make for aesthetics in a building, can be internal or external in relation to the building; interior and exterior aesthetic values.

Interior aesthetic /decorations, is basically a repeat of what is done in exterior aesthetic/decorations, within the building, and with different materials.

Whatever the form, style, pattern, aesthetic description design you chose for your project, Festerha Tech will see it done!

Exotic and esoteric materials abound to meet your interior and external or aesthetic needs of yours: Chandeliers, living room furniture, and upholstery, utensils for the Kitchen, etc.

Exterior aesthetic/decorations are about Compound beautification, adding value -ladden features like: laying of Kerbs, Gazebo and Bush bars, Grey area dimensioning, Walkways, Lawns, Carports and Horticulture arrangements and flooring using: interlocks, tiles, normal concrete or Stamped Concrete (imprints) and Patios. Flooring can be seen as the foundation of compound aesthetics because it forms the substructure on which all other structures stand.

Beauty and elegance are as defined by Festerhatech, ….no more through the eye of the beholder…!

Aesthetic flooring solutions have become the trend in modern building construction. It is fast phasing out the regular outdoor floors. Stamped Concrete floors are made with concrete. They come in a wide range of designs, made to mimic floor options ranging from wood to slate, tiles, but this having the strength and resilience of concrete.

They installed outdoor on poolsides, Patios, walkways, and driveways.

On account of its long-lasting nature compared to other materials, stamped concrete is durable in almost all types of environments, and holds up better to traffic and wear.

Unlike most paving materials, the maintenance requirements for stamped concrete are very minimal, thereby adding up to a large amount of savings made over time.

Stamped concrete increases the curb appeal and aesthetic value of a property. In choosing this flooring solution, one maximizes returns on the sale of the property.

In comparison to other paving materials, stamped concrete has so much to give in terms of pattern, colour variety, and availability. Not to talk of installation speed and customization.

3d or embossed flirting is a state-of-the-art modern technology introduced to give floors exclusive and unique designs. It is appealing, but more importantly, extends the life of the floor. The striking designs and Murals give your home interiors an exotic feeling and make it come alive with 3d effects.

Its aesthetic appeal is desirable to give one’s home a touch of modern convenience and class.

It is fire resistant which is why it is best for homes, it does not accumulate dirt/ dust, hence, it leaves your home squeaky clean and cool. It is also odourless and easy to maintain, being durable and it gives you value for money.

You think your home, office floors need a makeover, contact Festerha tech …our wall and floor designs are …..simply jaw-dropping

Metallic flooring is special aesthetics multi-layered flooring and coating system which incorporates the use of metallic chemicals mixed in a clear coating material to create exotic, mind-blowing patterns and effects. It is a bold way to put a stylish spin of beauty to flooring. Metallic floors can be installed in: showrooms, saloons, homes, offices, and industrial complexes. Metallic coatings offer propriety floors that outperforms other flooring options. It is durable, highly resistant to scratch, peeling and corrosion, and unlike tiles floor, when wet, metallic floors are not slippery.

There are varieties of colours and designs: earth-stone; drift-wood; castle-sand, mineral-flakes, to bold choices like: shamrock, glass, slate, plum, ocean blue etc.  Metallic flooring is suitable for those who something sleek, lustrous and satin-smooth.

…..come, let Festerha tech indulge you as we transform your drab stone, wood and concrete floors into masterpieces of ethereal beauty


Stone oats is an interior decoration/aesthetics makeover materials.

Stonecoats and countertops is a method of making exceptionally solid material surfaces that do not promote the growth of bacteria through use of epoxy hardener and stone coating chemicals.

Stonecoats can be applied on: chairs, shelves, stools, tables, sink/kitchen drainers, slabs, bath-tubs, desks, art works, frames etc. It is not as much about-face making tough surfaces , as much as it is about aesthetics, style and new look which it brings into a piece of material and that makes the difference.

…. if it’s about stone coats and countertops…one is only limited by one’s creative ingenuity

“Packaging”, they say, sells a product. Finishing can be the thin line between a fail project and a successful one.

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