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The population of the world “seven billion” still counting! This upsurge makes it difficult to sustain the number of individuals per unit of accommodation, which has necessitated the astronomical increase in Construction technology and activities around the world.

Look around, buildings and Structures for different purposes, are being erected everywhere, no matter the type, it involves the basic activities that define Construction; land preparation, earth-shifting, cladding, formwork, fittings, and installations, etc.

Yes, the importance of Construction is glaring for everyone to see but more important, is the Construction of quality buildings and Structures that can withstand environmental changes in weather and topography, and aging of structure -due to the time change.

This does not come easy-which is simple to say: anyone can put up a structure, but not all can build the Festerhatech signature.

Building Construction is more than meets the eye-you guessed right, there are off-site activities that must be carried out with utmost tenacity prior to Construction, and these constitute the “edge” we have over others.

Risk management, Material utilization formula-which is why “quality-control” indicators are merged with daily site-work management technique….. unique to Festerha Tech

The peculiar needs of our clients, as it relates to project management, terrain, soil texture sampling, material requirements, and the various stages in the Building Construction process: concept creating and design,  obtaining a building permit, foundation pouring, etc, is key in Constructing quality, durable buildings, and structures, which is why as, your one-stop-shop for building Construction, Festerhatech group is very critical of every piece that goes into Constructing for our clients.

Some build for profit…others build to complete…but Festerha Tech, we build to define you!

Festerha Tech …Build with us or screw it up completely!!!

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We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients so as to be able to show empathy and at the same time not compromise our position to deliver on quality. As you know a doctor must strike a balance between profit and delivery on his oath, that’s what we do as FESTERHATECH

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We bring something new to the table every time. With us as your trusted ally, you can never run short of ideas – Never!

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You can depend on us as a partner in progress. Dedicating and commissioning your project is what drives us…

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Our team of professionals includes Architects, Professional Builders, Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Electrical Engineers, Project Managers, and experienced artisans.

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