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Demolition of buildings/structures means to de-construct the structures or buildings which have become defective or unwanted. According to Wikipedia, demolition: is the engineering in safe and efficient tearing-down of buildings and other artificial structures.

Demolition may be totally or partial, in the later instance, it knows “deconstruction”; tearing down while preserving other Vital components of the structure/building.

Often, demolition is for reconstruction/renovation, defective; out-of-style or obsolete structures are “deconstructed” or completely replaced with modern ones. Structures do not meet approval standards may be demolished, inclusive in the long list of reasons to demolish, is non compliance with town-planning guidelines.

It is common to find justifiable reasons to demolish or tear down structures-which is one thing, another is the, encumbrance involved when considering the pros and cons, i.e, cost effective demolition technique; demolition method for different types of structures and government policies regulating building demolition in certain areas-have been highlighted by “Research Gate ” experts as technicalities commonly associated with demolition. For instance, while one may employ the wrecking-ball method to tear-down low structures and buildings, same method cannot be used to demolish high-rise structures like the sky scrapper, such would require a more novel and controlled method like “implications” method to prevent debris falling on other properties, especially, for structures land- locked between other structures and buildings.

Material re-use and recycle, in modern times, is a highly “precipitative” factor which streamlines options as far as “chopping” for demolition technique goes.

General, numerous demolition methods and techniques, depending on: environment type, structure type and government regulations, abound. According to “engineering world”, demolition technique/ methods can change to suit, the geographical location of buildings, type of materials used in the structure, reasons for demolition and ways to dispose debris.

Sometime tested, environmentally sustainable techniques/methods have been listed below in no particular order:

1.The Wrecking ball method.

2.The High Reach Arm method.

3.The Implosion Method.

4.The Strip-Out/Dismantling Method.

However, whatever the technique one choses, it is imperative to note (as reiterated), that: structure type and government regulations, more often than not, determines choices available.

Festerha tech engineering and Architectural group is committed to the total transformation of old fashioned structures; we re- design, restructure, refurbish and reinforce obsolete, moribund and dilapidating structures into engineering feats of master pieces and edifices of elegance!

The Latin maxim: Ordo ab chao(order out of chaos)also finds expression through engineering. When one views “chao” as chaos as demolition, certainly” Ordo” must be renovation!

demolition could be a tragedy… should one fail to renovate with Festerha Tech

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