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Drawing is a pictorial representation of a concept, while designs are graphical creations of Aesthetic forms, shapes, and patterns. These terms, for Building and Construction, have relative use.

Building designs and Drawings vary in plethoric forms and diversity in the industry.

These attributes (drawings and designs) of Construction have “morphed” through dynamic contributions from practical in the industry over the years. So much so that, one might be “at sea”(confused) when making a choice of style, designs, and forms, from the almost inexhaustible catalog.

Construction has not lagged behind in the world for dynamism and diversity, the success story of such ‘ construction adventurism’ finds expression through the multi-faceted nature now available in the above-mentioned concepts (designs and Drawings).

Terrain, status, impressionism, structure type, and topography have become factors that have precipitated the innovative drive that provoked a seemingly endless stream of styles, forms, shapes, and texture in building and construction.

Streams of ideas may not necessarily result in seamless structures and buildings, One would need a perfect blend of drawings and designs to “pull it off”.

While the pictorial representation of buildings may not that be the beginning of construction, but it is most certainly not the ‘zenith’ of it, designs are what bring out the beauty and the ‘wow factor ‘ to the fore.

Man being a creature of beauty, anything with Aesthetic values appeals to him, which is why whatever kind of structure to be constructed, drawings and design play major roles in bringing it to a state of elegance and grandeur.

Consequently, if one views the drawing of plans and structures as the ‘Foundation’ in Constructing a project, it will not be out of place to view design as The ‘super-structure.

We (Festerha Tech Engineering Group) understands the difficulty of finding the right blend and combination to achieve that ” master-stroke” of perfection, which is why understanding Drawings and Designs in Construction and building, is to comprehend the essence of Festerha tech group; that we were born to do; trained to draw…bred to design. We are… FESTERHA TECH

Festerha Tech – we help individuals and corporate bodies design a world class piece when it comes to residential, office and industrial buildings.

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We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients so as to be able to show empathy and at the same time not compromise our position to deliver on quality. As you know a doctor must strike a balance between profit and delivery on his oath, that’s what we do as FESTERHATECH

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We bring something new to the table every time. With us as your trusted ally, you can never run short of ideas – Never!

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You can depend on us as a partner in progress. Dedicating and commissioning your project is what drives us…

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