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Prior to the development of a piece of land/plot, it is imperative that “land survey” exercise be carried out on the plot. This is necessary to determine: plot size, topography, the dimensional trajectory of property; length and breadth, and to enumerate and list land features for approval. Land Survey enables one to and determines land boundaries; it is important for mapping out corners of plot, and improvement made to the piece of property.

According to”, land survey is the detailed study or inspection, as by gathering information through observations, measurements in the field…..or research instruments (as it applies to the property) and data analysis to support planning, designing and establishing not property boundaries and right to ownership.

Development trajectory and indices of Society puts one in a condition where documentation and record-keeping are invaluable if one is to effectively guide against theft and contenders of right-of-ownership of property. This is one of the key importance of land survey since it enables one to know when one’s piece of property is being encroached on by property grabbers-deliberately or unintentionally.

In modern times, land survey data has become a sine-qua-none for obtaining government approval for properties and the Certificate Of Occupancy (C of O) which otherwise will be impossible to generate. In relation to other property owners and government-owned structures such as plots earmarked for Road construction, Public facilities which are marked out by town planning authority, land survey provides a template which helps to determine the extent of property development and prevents unnecessary incursions to other property, thus guiding against litigations

Moreover, land survey helps to organize land usage for optimum benefits since it helps designate what portions of the property will best suit a given structure-especially when multiple Structures are to be erected on the same plot.

It is important to point out that the uses of land survey is by no means restrictable to the captured above. As Structures and buildings become more complex, the industry, more dynamic, and town planning regulations get stricter, the importance of land survey will become apparent, as it would be all the more necessary to regulate land use relationship between property owners and the authorities.

Our discuss this far, has highlighted the need for a workable land survey plan, which in turn needs be approved before development can start.

The approval process may differ from country to country depending on particular needs and experience, however, the common denominator in this process across countries is that: it involves data collection and analysis, submission of survey plans to the government for approval, payment of the levy to the government. The approval period also differs from country to country.

As it is obtainable in other sections of the industry, land survey, due to its technicalities; legal and policy ramifications, amongst other impediments and encumbrance, cannot be taken/ done lightly, it must be carried out by licensed and practicing engineers. As aptly put by “” A licensed surveyor is the only person or(Organization) legally allowed to conduct land survey, and provide a Certification plan on request to ensure that the project has been completed.

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