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Festerha Tech, amongst other things, is a licensed Estate Service provider. In this regard, our services include:

1.Third party involvement in the sales, purchase or lease of property.

2.Property control/management.

3.Construction of housing estates for clients in Nigeria.

4.Property appraisal and evaluation services.

5.Consultancy services.

Estate services encompass a wide range of functions relating to the provision of property for clients, i.e buying, selling and leasing out commercial and residential property or lands. Additionally, it also take in the activities of real estate agents intermediating in buying, selling, letting or managing real estates.

As professionals in the business, our scope  and services cover the following: Residential estates; old and new.

Commercial real estate.

Industrial real estate and Vacant and undeveloped lands or space.

As a real estate brokerage firm, Festerha tech group provides services for investors, property owners and tenants through combining local market insights, specialized expertise and premier tools and resources. We assist clients with purchasing, leasing and selling requirements (consulting services) based on peculiar needs.

Of course, it is a big that property (in whatever form) need thorough appraisal by professionals! Property value could appreciate or depreciate with time and certain conditions. As such, it is very necessary for one to know the current value of his/her property, its worth, as this helps to determine the cost price incase the property is put up for sale or lease, conversely, it helps prospective clients determine the extent of wear and tear on a piece of property up for sale or lease, and the commensurate price it should be sold.

Estate management is another part of our estate Services rendered. This concerns the analysis, supervision, day-to -day care, control and management of interest in landed property with the aim of maximizing returns on R O I.


What better option is there than to contract Festerha Tech group estate services to manage your estate property. We are up to date on standard and best practices in the industry, as professional builders that understand the pros and cons in building construction, we also make better managers of estates property and facilities.

Festerha Tech…we make your property first among others.

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We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients so as to be able to show empathy and at the same time not compromise our position to deliver on quality. As you know a doctor must strike a balance between profit and delivery on his oath, that’s what we do as FESTERHATECH

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We bring something new to the table every time. With us as your trusted ally, you can never run short of ideas – Never!

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You can depend on us as a partner in progress. Dedicating and commissioning your project is what drives us…

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Our team of professionals includes Architects, Professional Builders, Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Electrical Engineers, Project Managers, and experienced artisans.

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